About Mubeen

Mubeen Hotel is exceptional places to dine. Mubeen’s history began with Mr. Mohd Mubeen, who modeled his first Dining hotel In the city of Nawabas “Lucknow” to explore the real Mughlai Crusine taste to food lovers.

The Star Ledger says: "That is actual Mughlai Taste”

In 1973, Mr. Mohd Mubeen , along with his son’s Mohd Rizwan Mubeen, opened Mubeen’s in Lucknow. The delicate cuisine and elegant ambiance found at Mubeen Dining Hotelcan be traced back to the 16th century in Northern India - specifically to a Mogul Emperor of the same city who had a flair for dining in unique surroundings.

Mubeen Mughlai Cuisine  Restaurant

Mr. Rizwan Mubeen (Son) emphasized quality of service and food from the beginning. Thanks to its popularity and hard work of his Son “Mr. Rizwan Mubeen” and Grand son’s “Mr. Surakha Rizwan, Mr. Yahya Rizwan and Mr. Zakaria Rizwan”. Similarly, at the Edison, Mr. Suarkha Rizwan And Mr. Yahya Rizwan puts his all effort to maintain the dignity as well as quality of his Grandfather’s dream,to serve the city “the real tase of Mughlai Crusine “.

The dinning room at Mubben’s in Edison is a hushed, tastefully palatial spac Mubeen’s in Edison, delivers services for Marriages, Parties and provides a complete range of bewerage services .

Join us for authentic Mubeen Mughlai Cuisine in a soothing atmosphere of warm hues and beautiful green house arrangements. We’ve been invite you to try our Chef’s succulent dishes’.

Today we tend to ar one in every of the foremost revered and dear occupation companies and ar standard for the standard and excellence of our food and services. Great Food, excellent service and a private bit ar the foundations on that we tend to build each event.